Kaveh Esmaeilzadeh Nevada Realtor

Kaveh EsmaeilZadeh NV LIC # S.0192170


The move from Miami to Las Vegas was not an easy decision, but a wise one. Now that I have been in Las Vegas for the past SIX years, the city is expanding and growing without any limit. The possibilities/opportunities for a better future and professional life seems to be endless. 


Las Vegas is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation and that alone works well with my professional ethics and business personality that I have built for the last 25 years. 


Obtaining a bachelor degree in “Travel & Tourism Industry” from FIU and receiving “MBA” from “Business School of Amsterdam” have broadened my knowledge and expertise in both operation & customer service fields actively throughout those years both in the cooperation world and freelance businesses that I have been part of. 


However, my main focus always has been the customer service & customer satisfaction in every task or job I have done. My people management skills, my way of always seeking for the best of my customers’ interest so that they feel and receive the comfort and guaranteed service they desire have assisted me to reach many successful results & achievements both regionally and globally. 


Growing up in three different continents and living in many major metropolitan cities in the world has been another strong wing of my journey. Not only living, speaking languages and professionally working in those cities/countries but also being involved with their cultures and backgrounds have expanded my vision in life of how to connect and meet the satisfaction of people from different places.  


In my latest/current career in “Real Estate”, I will make sure that I use all the skills and experiences mentioned above in order to meet your satisfaction after you will receive my guaranteed services for the BEST. 


I have not excluded my family from everything I mentioned so that they can be part of this journey of mine. My wife is Dutch, My son is born in Miami & nevertheless My daughter is born in Las Vegas. 


Fluent both in reading/writing: English, Farsi, Swedish, Norwegian

Intermediate and good understanding of: Spanish & Dutch as well as Danish


Now, let’s connect …